TVhobo is responding with full democratic force against facebook's racist and incompetent breaches of my consumer rights as a user of their web site.

latest update to this page: Facebook has now proved beyond all reasonable doubt that it is racist - click here to see the proof.


1. latest example of facebook's crimes

2. when I was able to prove they had called me racist 100% wrongly

3. third example, where they made the same error as the second example but failed to admit they were wrong- as you can see in a court room they cannot defend their claim at all and would be found guilty in a prosecution very easily (rest of the info about that example to come asap)

Facebook calls confidence bullying and bullying argument. As does most of the 'media'.
Why do they refuse to be accountable even when asked to review this incompetence and criminality of theirs? Because only market forces CAN hold them accountable. They are challenging me, and you, therefore, to replace them, to find a way to beat them 'with the market itself'. That is the only way to respond to their ignorance, ie their incompetence and their crime.

"Long"ish explanation:

Below are links to two key examples where facebook has broken the spirit of the law, worldwide. There is a third example I have recorded, which they did not retract but which clearly is an error on their part of the same type and which I can definitely take them to court over AND WILL if I can manage it within any statute of limitations. It's archived in 'grid' form, so it'll take me a few hours, on some appointed day, to dig up the data and put it onto an html page for you and share it here also. That is the most damning of all for them, as you will see. Particularly because they never did retract it and admit they were wrong - whilst it is demonstrably exactly the same error made on the one on the page entitled fbarse.html.

Check that one out. Again, it's here: The second time they made an error of that kind was easy to explain (ie as an error) - I was criticising an asian woman's claim that all non white people voting 'leave' at the referendum are 'race traitors' - what I said in reply to her told her off for her racism and for being wrong - I gave her clear examples of leave voters who aren't racist, and the reasons they'd voted. There is not one single word anyone can criticise in that post. Not one. You can see here, this is the embryo of the page, then, on which I will outline the full details of that incident, wherein facebook broke the rules in a way which I can definitely prosecute them for and win:; the reason I'm saying we can 'understand' how facebook made that mistake - they politically disliked what I said and a non white person 'supported' their view that I was being racist or whatever it is they like to believe I am. People who decide whether someone is racist based on their colour really don't get what the problem is, do they? As for the woman who was talking about 'race traitors' - she also described 'her' culture vis a vis 'English' culture - a british asian woman, but separating what she called 'her' culture from the rest of 'English' culture - whereas a 'racist' like me watches Richard Briars, Dave Chappelle, Idries Shah AND Noam Chomsky, Ed Said and Arundhati Roy, Tariq Ali and Jeremy Corbyn, Peter Bowles and Felicity Kendal, Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, Lenny Henry and Imran Khan (etc) (you get my point about 'my' culture and 'her' culture!).

and here is the info on the latest, and final illegal act by facebook against me, in which a racist white supremacist trolling repeatedly about diane abbott, attempting to 'ridicule' her, had me banned by facebook for talking back to him and telling him what a racist he is - (i do not intend to 'consume' facebook any more, so i will suffer no further 'ban' for any legitimate commentary and ethically sound dissent), see:; for other examples of facebook breaking numerous laws relating to consumer rights, examine this other case where they banned me, but did indeed have to admit they were wrong: - they found no way sophistry could help them justify their ignorant racist abuse of me, often driven by the inability of facebook employees to be competent enough to understand what I say (the fbarse.html example is a classic example of this problem at its worst and makes it clear why the following patreon article is correct in its assertions:

TVhobo is back and aiming for a new target: new media round up page, covering a wide variety of blogs and free mainstream media sources; the new wave starts at grid point 1.1...

Every thought has a parallel action.

Every prayer has a sound and a physical form.

The man of God is not an expert made by books.

First you were mineral, then vegetable, then man. You will be an angel, and you will pass beyond that too.

There are a thousand forms of mind.

If the sea-water did not rise into the sky, where would the garden get its life?

A totally wise man would cease to exist in the ordinary sense.

You make no spark by striking earth on a flint.

The worker is hidden in the workshop.

To the ignorant, a pearl seems a mere stone.

If a tree could move on foot or feather, it would not suffer the agony of the saw nor the wounds of the blade.

What bread looks like depends upon whether you are hungry or not.

You may seek a furnace, but it would burn you. Perhaps you need only the weaker flame of a lamp.

Counterfeiters exist because there is such a thing as real gold.

Whoever says everything is true is a fool, whoever says all is untrue is a liar.

A great obstacle in the Path is fame.

God's mirror: the front is the heart, its back the world.

The infinite universe lies beyond this world.

They say: 'He cannot be found' .. Something that cannot be 'found' is what I desire.

To make wine, you must ferment the grape juice.

Water does not run uphill.

You have two 'heads'. The original, which is concealed, the derivative, which is the visible one.

The moment you entered this world of form, an escape ladder was put out for you.

Wool only becomes a carpet because knowledge is available.

To boil water you need an intermediary - the vessel.